EZ Condo Features

EZ Broadcast

Easily broadcast announcements and reminders for scheduled maintenance, emergencies or inspections to all residents with email and push notifications.

EZ Document Access

Instant access to your well-organized community documents 24/7 through web or smartphone.

EZ Setup

You are very quickly up and running with your condo / HOA community website, document files and you are ready to broadcast instant messages.

EZ Invite

Invite your owners with a simple bulk email upload utility. They are automatically invited and issued login credentials. It is that EZ.

EZ Tenant Link

Owners can “email” invite their tenants or property agents to receive instant messages and grant them access to forms and contact information.

EZ Anywhere

At your desk or from the coffee shop, use the EZ web or phone app from anywhere.

EZ All Inclusive Pricing

Embrace a software application offering competitive all-inclusive pricing. All the features for one low price for any size condo community from the smallest to the largest.

Data Entry Not Required

There is no need for extensive data entry or database management. A simple import of email addresses creates your communication lists. Owners manage their own profile information.

Features Screenshots

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Getting Started is Fast and Easy!

No Installation. No Fixed Contract. No Data to Enter.

Software Designed to Solve Real Day-to-Day Strata and HOA Community Problems

EZ Condo Mobile App

Take action from anywhere. Manage resident requests, amenity bookings, reply to messages and more on the go from your phone.

Instant and Reliable Communications

Avoid the junk mail folder with your notices and reminders delivered to owners and tenants directly to their smartphone.

Repetitive Document Requests

Minimize repeated document requests by providing owners and tenants with instant access to documents and forms on their smartphone or on the web.

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